EPCE has partnered with Excelsior University to provide Leadership and Project Management Certificates designed to equip workers with skills needed in the energy industry. These prescribed courses will help you build the skills and confidence needed to inspire, motivate, influence, and lead your team to success.

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EPCE Leadership Certificates

  • Energy Leadership (Mid-Management) — 4 courses
  • Organizational Leadership (Upper Management) — 3 courses

EPCE Project Management Certificates

  • Energy Project Management (Mid-Management) — 4 courses 
  • Project Management (Upper Management) — 3 courses

Certificates will be awarded by EPCE upon completion of the required courses, and each certificate aligns with an Excelsior undergraduate or graduate degree program, creating a seamless pathway if the ultimate educational goal is degree completion. 

**As a partnership certificate program student, you do not need to be enrolled in a degree program.**

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