Develop skills in the emerging field of genetic genealogy

Unlock details about your ancestors’ health and appearance by learning how to answer questions about heredity and lineage through genetic analysis.

Introduction to Genetic Genealogy (GENE 201)

8-week, online course

Use modern technology and traditional methods to explore questions of ancestry and ethnicity. Learn how to analyze and interpret DNA test results, and develop DNA testing plans to solve genealogical problems.

  • Study genealogy using DNA categories
  • Examine genetics to identify descendant relationships
  • Use tools to analyze data and optimize test results
  • Understand the ethics of DNA testing and privacy
  • Learn the Genetic Genealogy Standards

Advanced Genealogical Research (GENE 350)

15-week, online course

Gain practical skills and technical strategies for solving difficult genealogy cases. Practice analyzing and reconstructing real genealogical cases before applying these skills to your own genealogical inquiry.

  • Select methods of evidentiary interrogation
  • Formulate steps for investigating a case
  • Recognize bias when gathering information
  • Analyze and explain gaps in evidence
  • Prepare concise results reports

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